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Whether you're launching a new advertising campaign, creating a corporate identity, or announcing a new product, we can help your agency get the job done more effectively.

"PBworks is helping us go about things in a far more efficient and collaborative way."

— Aïcha Doucouré, Landor Associates/The B to D Group

Law Firms

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PBworks Legal Hub can improve the productivity of your attorneys and staff, boosts billable hours, and improves client satisfaction by enabling more effective collaboration, both inside and outside your firm.

"This product is inexpensive, dead easy to use, and packed with solid management tools. What firm doesn't want that?"

— Law Technology News

General Business

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PBworks can help your business share information and assets, collect feedback for your people, set schedules, manage meetings, and coordinate your activities, more effectively.

"PBworks has become a core information source for us, more than our old server ever was."

— Teo Mayes, CTO, RMC Vanguard Mortgage

Professional Services

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PBworks helps you collaborate with your clients and manage your team. With PBworks, your team spends less time on coordination and logistics and more time delivering great work to your clients.

"Before PBworks, everyone did the same job differently and had a different version of every document."

— Alison Rossi, CBE Technologies


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PBworks provides a better way to share critical knowledge and coordinate team efforts, all within a HIPAA-compliant environment that's accessible via computer, iPhone, iPad, Android device, or Blackberry.

"In healthcare today, the need for effective, secure collaboration technologies is nothing less than critical."

— Dr. Pierre Theodore, UCSF Medical Center

Non-profits & Associations

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PBworks is used by thousands of non-profits, charitable groups, associations, and foundations. Across a wide range of missions, PBworks enables more effective team collaboration with all of your stakeholders.

"PBworks has been incredibly helpful at reducing our workload. It's been a huge success."

— Anushka Ratnayake,