PBworks for Consulting and Professional Services

Online collaboration is a great fit for consulting and professional services.  Your work is focused on carrying out projects for your clients, it involves working in a team environment, and you understand the value of your time--and of tools that help your team be more productive.

Managing Client Projects

Using PBworks to manage client projects can increase client satisfaction, reduce costly rework, hold more effective conference-calls and keep things on track.

Increase Client Satisfaction

Increase client satisfaction by making them part of the team. PBworks' easy-to-use interface means there's no training needed.

Reduce Costly Rework

Engage more contacts at your client and get earlier feedback. It's easy to share anything from draft documents to rich multimedia designs.

Keep Things On Track

Coordinate tasks, milestones, content and resources between your team, your client, contractors and remote workers more effectively by using PBworks for team collaboration.

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Client Extranets

Email has serious shortcomings for anything more than individual messages. Long "reply-all" chains. Out of date attachments. Your inbox becoming the de-facto filing cabinet for all your projects. All resulting in a lot of overhead time wasted on finding information and keeping everyone current.

Instead, use PBworks as a powerful client extranet that centralizes and streamlines your client communications.

Share Documents and Files

Upload important documents and files to make sharing easy. PBworks combines enterprise-grade security (with the ability to grant or restrict access as you see fit) with universal accessibility (no VPNs or firewall configuration necessary, and you can access all content from iPhone and Blackberry).  As an added bonus, PBworks lets you search within the full text of all uploaded files, making it easier to find what you're looking for.  And our business plans come with 100GB of file storage. (Need more? Call us!)

Store Useful Information

PBworks is a great way to store any information that's relevant to your client relationship, from contact information to important emails. You can import from Word and Excel, and you can even forward emails to your workspace for inclusion.

Record Meeting Notes and Decisions

How often do you wonder, "What *did* we decide last month?"  Use PBworks to record meeting notes and decisions, and you'll have an easy way to find out. You can start with our "Meeting Page" template, or create your own.

Monitor Customer/Prospect Engagement

Want to know what your customer or prospect is thinking?  We'll send you an instant message whenever a key client logs into the extranet, and shows you a record of all the pages and documents he's viewed.

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Building and Maintaining a Knowledgebase

So much of the value of your firm depends on the collective experience of your staff.  This knowledge helps your firm provide the best service to your clients, and to maintain continuity from project to project. Rather than relying on ad hoc methods of sharing this wealth of valuable information, use PBworks to capture, store, and distribute it.

Capture the Skills and Experience of your Staff

Use our admin-definable user profiles to capture the skills and experiences of your staff in a simple, searchable repository.

Enable Informal Collaboration

Jump-start informal collaboration with our real-time Twitter-style status updates, which are private, and restricted to firm personnel.

Build a Living Knowledgebase

A workspace is a great platform for a knowledgebase.  Our easy-to-use editor makes it simple for anyone in the firm to contribute their knowledge.  You can import existing stores of information from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. Search across specific knowledge-capture workspaces or archived project workspaces to put the entire experience of your consulting professionals at your fingertips.

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Run More Effective Meetings

Meetings are an integral part of a consulting relationship, but PBworks can help to make them more effective and eliminate the hassle of including remote participants.

Structure Agendas and Preparation

Post the agenda on a shared workspace, with links to documents and reports. Ask participants to review and comment ahead of time, so the meeting is set up to be more productive before you even start.

Capture Notes & Action Items in Real Time

Project the agenda page and capture notes and comments in real time. Instantly turn discussion into action-items, and assign them with due dates "on the fly". Our live-edit capability lets remote participants instantly see every change, and even make changes or suggestion.

Set up Ad Hoc or Planned Conference Calls

Every project seems to reach those points where getting the right 3 or 4 people on the phone and reaching closure on an issue is the way to move foward. PBworks makes it easy with "click-to-call" capability. Select project team members from a pop-up list, click the phone icon to set up an instant, on-demand call. Drop or add participants just as easily. No hassling with dial-in numbers and passwords, since PBworks already has the profiles for the relevant team members.

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