PBworks for Medicine/Healthcare/Biotech

Few things can match the importance of collaboration in medicine and healthcare. Whether you are treating patients or researching cures, working with fellow medical professionals is crucial.

PBworks provides a better way to share critical knowledge and coordinate team efforts, all within a HIPAA-compliant environment that's accessible via computer, iPhone, or Blackberry. Learn more about why so many of the world's largest healthcare institutions trust PBworks.

  1. Coordinating Patients, Providers, and Resources
  2. Managing Wards and Practice Areas
  3. Running a Research Project
  4. Maintaining an Organizational Knowledgebase

Coordinating Patients, Providers, and Resources

Providing the best possible care to patients is an information challenge. While electronic medical records provide an authoritative take on patient history and clinical information, much of the most important information that passes from provider to provider is exchanged verbally, or on informal paper notecards. When a provider takes over a patient, he or she needs to know about any recent developments or observations, as well as whatever needs to be done that day.

PBworks provides an great platform for capturing, sharing, and updating this information. Our workspace pages include a complete revision history, so you can see exactly who said what. You can even embed documents and multimedia files for a more complete picture. Content is accessible via iPhone and Blackberry, so providers don't need to have access to a computer to exchange or update information.

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Managing Wards and Practice Areas

Specialized wards and practice areas face a coordination challenge. Whether you're managing an ER, OR, X-ray, or in-patient ward (Maternity, etc.), you need a way to track patients, rooms, providers, procedures, and schedules. For most wards, the solution ends up being a massive whiteboard, which the staff have to keep updated.

In contrast, PBworks provides an electronic means of tracking this information which is more efficient and effective. An electronic whiteboard is accessible from any Internet-connected computer or smartphone, preserves a complete history of all changes, and provides a convenient search functionality that lets you instantly find whatever you're looking for.

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Running a Research Project

When you're running a research project, you need to balance the demands of conducting the research, writing the report, and managing the logistics. PBworks gives you a better way to do all three.

Use PBworks as a convenient place to store the information you're collecting and collaborate with your colleagues. You'll never waste time searching through old emails or looking for file attachments when everything is in a searchable workspace.

When it's time to write your report, use workspace-style collaboration to quickly coordinate the entire team's feedback and revisions. You'll always be able to see who made which changes.

As for the logistics, tasks and milestones in each workspace allow teams to build a project plan, track progress, and link plan items to relevant project documents. Users can see all their workspace assignments on their network dashboard, drill into individual items, post updates, add links to relevant workspace pages, or mark them done. PBworks can notify team members and management as pages are edited or files uploaded, allowing your team to collect feedback as quickly as possible. Use our "send a link" functionality to call attention to important pages.

Your organization can create a single network with multiple workspaces (including one workspace for each project). Each team member can navigate freely and search across all workspaces, as well as receiving a personalized dashboard that shows tasks and activities across all the projects he or she is working on.

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Maintaining an Organizational Knowledgebase

The collective experience of your staff has tremendous value. This knowledge helps your organization provide the best care to patients, maximize the innovation of your research, and maintains continuity from project to project. Rather than relying on ad hoc methods of sharing this wealth of valuable information, use PBworks to capture, store, and distribute it.

Use our admin-definable user profiles to capture the skills and experiences of your staff in a simple, searchable repository. Jump-start informal collaboration with our real-time Twitter-style status updates, which are private, and restricted to authorized personnel.

More formally, a PBworks workspace makes it easy for your entire organization to contribute their knowledge. Our easy-to-use editor lets anyone get up-to-speed quickly, and you can import existing stores of information from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. Plus everything is searchable (including document contents) and accessible via iPhone and Blackberry.

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