PBworks for Non-Profit Organizations

Online collaboration can help your non-profit organization address some of its most pressing challenges. How do you serve your members better? Leverage your board better? Help your staff be more effective and efficient? Produce effective events? Launch new programs and services to carry out your mission? All in an economic climate that forces you to "do more with less".

PBworks is the online collaboration platform used by thousands of non-profit organizations around the world. Churches and charitable organizations. Professional associations for actuaries, brewers, graphic artists, realtors and teachers. Foundations and community groups. Across a broad set of organizations with a wide range of missions, PBworks enables more effective team collaboration across all of your stakeholders.

  1. Board Management
  2. Member Services
  3. Staff & Volunteer Coordination
  4. Projects & Task Forces
  5. Events & Conferences
  6. Knowledge Capture & Sharing

Board Management

PBworks streamlines routine board processes and frees up time to turn board members into valuable assets.

Streamline board meetings

Publish agendas and minutes and collect comments in a board-only workspace. Use live-editing to create meeting notes, capture feedback and assign tasks during the meeting.

Share documents & plans

Share PowerPoint presentations and documents for board review & approval. PBworks automatically handles revisions, so everyone sees the latest version, and folder-level security restricts access.

Access from anywhere / any time

Revisions and changes automatically trigger e-mail notifications to interested users. Email-to-workspace capability easily collects comments, feedback, and new content. Board members can be in touch anywhere--even from their iPhone or Blackberry.

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Member Services

The Internet opens a host of new possibilities for delivering services to members and other groups. PBworks is a great platform for publishing information, sharing best practices, enabling member interaction, facilitating interest groups, and tapping the power of member social networking.

Publish information and documents

Give constituents easy access to current information -- policies and procedures, online newsletters, member lists, current projects, upcoming events. By starring items and folders of interest, users are automatically notified of new or updated content.

Engage members and constituents

Encourage feedback through user comments. Create even deeper engagement through workspace page editing, so interest groups can form and dynamically discuss topics of mutual interest. Get everyone involved.

Social Networking with a purpose

Help members find others with similar interests or skills through built-in, easily searchable user profiles. "Twitter-style" microblogging and activity streams maintain focus on the organization's mission and initiatives while keeping people in touch.

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Staff & Volunteer Coordination

With pressure to "do more with less", odds are your staff is working harder and you're relying more than ever on volunteers. PBworks can help them be more efficient and reduce the overhead of staff and volunteer turnover.

Standardize processes

Document all of your key weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual processes on an intranet, for easy reference. Upload standard forms where everyone can down download the latest version. Use workspace templates to standardize both the content and the work steps for the most common workflows. When new staff or volunteers arrive, the "how-to" is documented, and they come up to speed quickly, with less training and fewer issues.

Run more efficient meetings

Publish meeting agendas on shared pages, and invite comment and suggestions to focus on the most important topics. Upload reports and spreadsheets, linked to agenda items, so they can be reviewed in advance. Project the page during the meeting, and capture the discussion, assign tasks, and build "minutes" on the fly. Use live-edit to share the page and built-in voice collaboration to conference in remote attendees as needed with a few mouse clicks. Your meetings will get shorter, more structured, and more effective!

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Projects & Task Forces

Much of the "real work" in non-profit organizations happens in project teams, committees or task forces that combine staff and volunteer members. PBworks helps these teams work together more effectively, to deliver more timely and better results.

Organize the work

Setup a shared workspace for the project. Define its key tasks and milestones. Assign them to individual team members, with appropriate due-dates. Link the tasks to content -- proposals, survey results, meeting notes. Request review and comments. Track task progress and flag overdue items. PBworks project management features coordinate the work and move it along.

Create collaborative work product

Upload a draft plan or proposal and automatically convert it into an interactive workspace page. Invite edits and comments from task force members. The page becomes a living, collaborative document with every revision tracked. It's easy to brainstorm or try out concepts, and then backtrack and take a different direction. Team members are more engaged, and more "bought into" the work, and the delivered work-product will be better as a result.

Share when and what's appropriate

Organize the workspace into private folders for work-in-progress and open access folders for broader review. Easy-to-use access controls let you control who sees what and when. Send e-mails to key reviewers at the press of a button, inviting comment and review. And when the project is complete, archive the workspace so it becomes part of a searchable knowledgebase to help kick-start similar projects in the future.

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Events & Conferences

If events and conferences are part of your member service offering, PBworks can help you organize and produce them.

Event Planning & Agenda-Setting

Open up the planning of your event to attendees, to gather their feedback and encourage their involvement. Set up a workspace with planned topics, invite comments or alternative proposals. See which members demonstrate an interest, and recruit them to help organize the event!

Publish Schedules & Presentations

Mirror the organization of your event in a workspace, with separate folders or pages for each session. Upload presentations for easy searching. Let attendees organize their own interest-group meetings "on the fly". Upload pictures or videos. And the entire event workspace can be searched and accessed later by those who couldn't attend in person.

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Knowledge Capture & Sharing

Share organizational knowhow and reference information with an easy-to-use intranet.

A tremendous amount of "how to" information lies in the collective experience of your staff and volunteers -- the person who chaired the committee last year, the newsletter editor, the member-services coordinator, the local chapter leaders. Rather than relying on ad hoc methods of sharing this wealth of valuable information, use PBworks to capture, store, and distribute it.

Capture Skills and Experience

Use our customizable user profiles to capture the skills and experiences of your staff and volunteers in a simple, searchable repository -- find the expert and easily tap their experience.

Enable information Collaboration

Jump-start informal collaboration with our real-time Twitter-style status updates. All the benefits of a consumer social network, but private and restricted to members and staff.

Build a Living Knowledgbase

Project and staff workspaces automatically form an organic knowlegebase for your organization, built as a byproduct of team collaboration. Need to figure out how to produce a workshop, how to e-mail your committee chairs or how you set last year's financial campaign goals? Search the content of the pages and documents that you've built up over time and find the answer quickly and easily.

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