No one buys "collaboration" for its own sake. What you really want are solutions to your specific needs. Here are some of the common ways our customers use PBworks to meet their business needs.

Customer Extranet

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Provide every fresh prospect or anchor client an online space to work together with you. Easily share information, collect feedback, and coordinate activity with our Customer Relationship Edition.

"Using PBworks as part of the sales process helps us reduce the sales cycle and increase our sales."

— Steve Grant, Objective Arts

Project Management

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PBworks Project Hub helps you collaborate with clients and manage your team. With Project Hub, your team spends less time on logistics and more time delivering great work to your clients.

"PBworks provides transparency and accountability for the project that gives clients peace of mind."

— Rudy Kehler,

Social Intranet

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PBworks gives organizations of all sizes, from boutique to Fortune 500, the ability to deploy a social intranet that will increase connections between people and knowledge within the enterprise.

"PBworks has totally change the way that we do business."

— Chris Ronan, President, RD2, Inc.


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PBworks creates an easy-to-use, knowledgebase that can scale with your organization. Tapping the benefits of PBworks can help you unlock the value of your organization's knowledge.

"PBworks connects employees with the information and people they need to get work done more efficiently and effectively."

— Brian Volken, Nobel Biocare