Cloud File Storage Is About More Than Just Storage


The rise of the cloud (roughly speaking, the ability to store content and run applications that you access via the web browser or mobile device) has changed the way that people work.  These days, it's likely that the tools you use to get your job done are in the cloud--things like email from Google and CRM from


The advantages of the cloud are significant--being able to access information from anywhere, rather than being tied to a single physical device, has enabled far more telecommuting and cross-geography collaboration.  Yet when it comes to cloud file storage, simply stopping at storing files in the cloud to make them more accessible means that you're only tapping a small fraction of the potential benefits of cloud file storage.  These oft-overlooked benefits include:


  • Cloud File Security
  • Cloud File Searchability
  • Cloud File Shareability
  • Cloud File Version Control
  • Cloud File Preview
  • Cloud File Collaboration


Cloud File Security


Does your cloud file storage solution let you set up custom security?  You ought to be able to specify a list of authorized users to control access to any file you upload.


Cloud File Searchability


As the mass of files in the cloud grows, you need to be able to find the file you need.  You ought to be able to search all uploaded files, including the text within the files, as well as related information like who uploaded the file, to help you find what you're looking for.


Cloud File Shareability


It should be easy for you to share a file in the cloud, with people inside and outside your organization.  For example, each project ought to have its own associated cloud storage.


Cloud File Version Control


Don't rename files every time you have a new version; instead, let the cloud file storage system retain older versions so that it's easy to go back and see what changed.


Cloud File Previews


Access to a file doesn't help if you don't have the software on your device to open it once you download.  Cloud file storage systems ought to offer online file previews so that you can read your files even if the particular device you're using doesn't have Microsoft Office.


Cloud File Collaboration


Once you upload a file to the cloud, you probably want to collect feedback, approvals, and other discussion.  Make sure your cloud file storage system allows this kind of file-based collaboration.


Cloud File Storage on PBworks


Cloud file storage on PBworks provides security, searchability, shareability, version control, previews, and collaboration, all in one integrated package.  You can upload files to particular projects, view them online, share them inside and outside the firewall, and collaborate with the authorized users that you specify.


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